Yrd. Doç. Dr. Mustafa Çanakçıoğlu

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çanakçıoğlu
Head of Department

The Department of Accounting and Financial Management educates specialists, inspectors, counselors and managerial candidates to be employed in the relevant units of the business world and public institutions. Our department focuses on raising individuals with knowledge not only of the theoretical framework and implementations of accounting and financial management, but also of the fields of economics, finance and management, to have a vision and ability to develop effective solutions. Within this framework, the education we give to our students is of a sort that will enable them to be individuals who have adopted analytical thinking, who are knowledgeable about information technologies, who are solution-oriented and who have the competence to successfully conduct accounting and finance activities in all sectors.


In today’s competitive environment the importance of knowledge is increasing daily. Raising individuals equipped with knowledge and skills in accounting and finance has significance in terms of providing the related sectors with the work force they need. The profession of accounting and finance is seen as an important career objective and preserves its future importance. As economic activity evolves the functions of these professions also evolve, change and increase. In line with these developments, the services expected from these professions can be listed as follows: management, accounting, inspection, independent external inspection, budgeting, risk management, management consulting, tax consulting (tax planning, taxation problems), research on economic disputes and court cases, expertise, valuation and rating operations.



The profession of accounting carries special significance and responsibility within the framework of current laws. In order to ensure this profession is adequately carried out both financial advising and chartered accounting are certified based on exams held in institutions under state supervision. Professionals who are given certification must also take the exams held by the Public Oversight Board in order to work as independent inspectors.

This system of examination in accounting is an indication of the need for life-long learning and continuous development. Students of the Accounting and Financial Management Department at our university, which is the starting point of this learning process, are educated with this awareness.

Students of the Accounting and Financial Management Department are given a theoretical and practical education in the fields of economics, management, accounting, finance and inspection in line with the principles and standards accepted countrywide and worldwide, with the aim of preparing them for their academic careers, for the exams about their profession they will take after their university education, and for their careers.


Graduates of the department may be employed in any industrial or commercial company it both the public and the private sectors, in banks, insurance and financial market institutions. Graduates are also eligible to apply for vocational exams held by the Public Oversight Board, as well as for exams required for professions such as freelance accountancy, financial advising and independent inspection which require documentation of vocational adequacy, and subsequently work in these areas.

Head of Department

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çanakçıoğlu