Prof. Dr. Hasan Dağ

Prof. Dr. Hasan Dağ
Head of Departments


The mission of the Department of Management Information Systems is to integrate quality instruction in information technologies and management systems with relevant research and professional services.


Our vision is to educate well-rounded, business oriented graduates; who can contribute significantly in innovation, leadership and implementation of Management Information Systems and who can play a significant role in the continuous creation and renewal of knowledge in these disciplines Information Technology is the study of the interaction between people and technology. The discipline uses hardware and software as tools to solve business and organizational problems. The Information Technology combines business principles such as accounting and management, with the study of computing.

The Department aims to educate students for professional practice within the fields of information technology by providing strong conceptual foundations (theoretical and practical), and also expose them to the forefront of the developments in the field of information technologies by offering courses that promote creative discovery, foster teamwork and leadership and prepare students for lifelong learning. The department will provide double major degrees with the programs of the Faculty of Engineering and will cooperate to provide interdisciplinary degree programs.